Natural Healing Therapy, CEO Chandana Basu

Director and CEO of Professional Billing Service and Alternative Therapies and Wellness Center 

About the CEO 


Chandana Basu is the CEO and 'Founder' of Alternative Therapies and Wellness Center. For over thirty years, Chandana has been the CEO of her own Professional Medical Billing Service. Her company first became public in 1990. In 2019 Alternative Therapies and Wellness Center was founded! She has helped so many people in the community with their health problems. She has been known to assist clients that suffer from fatigue, inflammation, edema, skin rashes, foggy memory, stomach problems. allergies, and other ailments, including long term health issues for many years prior to opening Alternative Therapies and Wellness Center.

Areas of Expertise

Dietary and exercise counseling

Health Problems such as Edema, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Stomach Problems, feet swelling, skin rashes, foggy memory, sleeplessness, anxiety and allergies.

Natural Remedies and energy medicine are her specialty

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