With more than twenty nine years of experience, we have perfected our medical billing, follow-up and appeals processes to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients. The result - our clients always receive maximum reiumbursements as part of a worry-free system. You could be next. You are in control!




Professional Billing Service was founded 29 years ago with a mission to guarantee its clients an increase in collections in a more efficient and effective way. With more than 27 years experience in the medical billing industry, our company is continually updating its processes to meet the changing needs of our customers.




By perfecting our medical billing, follow-up and appeals processes to meet the ever-increasing demands of our clients, Professional Billing Service's specialized compliance procedures drastically increase cash flow, eliminate errors and limit payment denials.

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Contracting with Professional Billing Service allows you to provide the highest level of service to your patients. If you are interested in more information about our services or would like to set up a time to meet with us in person, please email us or give us a call.

  • Anesthesiology: 27+ years of coding, billing and collections of complex anesthesia procedures.

  • Pain Management: 24+ years of coding, billing and collections of complex pain procedures.

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers: 17+ years of facility billing of all specialties.

  • Surgery: 27+ years of coding, billing and collections of complex surgical procedures - all specialties.

  • LDL Apheresis: 10 years authorization for service, coding, billing, collections.

  • Regenerative Medicine: 4 years coding for harvesting, billing, collections.

  • Orthopedic, Blood Bank Services/Apheresis Services (only billing company in the country), Compounding Pain Cream, PsychologyGeneral Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetric, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy: Billing and collections.

  • Ambulance/EMS Billing and collections.

  • Workers' Compensation: 24+ years solid experience in Workers' Comp and PI liens as well as Workers' Comp appeals board and court hearings.

What Our Clients Say ...

"Professional Billing Service's strict methods of constantly researching the industry and finding more ways to increase our reimbursement is the key to our success."

- N.S., MD (Ohio)



"PBS's new denials management division provides us with new reimbursement opportunities that we didn't have previously."

- T.B., CRNA (New Jersey)



"I would recommend Professional Billing Service to every physician I know. My cash flow has been consistent since P.B.S. took over my billing."

- M.R., MD (Arizona)



"We have increased business cash flow as a result of Professional Billing Service. We are now growing our business outside our city limit. Now we have the funds to do things we could not do before."

- CFO, Ambulatory Surgery Center (Oregon)



"I regard P.B.S. as the best of the best in the medical billing field."

- S.Y., MD - Director of Surgery Center Operations (California)



"I have found Professional Billing Service to be very knowledgeable, very efficient and the service is very effective. I have seen much higher revenue while they provided service for me."

- A.R., MD - Orthopedic Surgeon (California)



"P.B.S.'s billing services are exceptional. Professional Billing Service has consistently obtained improved recovery of appropriate charges for my medical practice. This is due to their diligence in following up open accounts. The improved recovery of payments has had a tremendous impact for my medical business. I give my highest recommendation for Professional Billing Service."

- T.H., MD (California)


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