Only a superior billing service can promise AND deliver 30%+ increases and instant error-free billing*

That medical billing service must:

Have several years of medical billing experience
Know all of the complexities of billing correctly for your specialty
Apply a system that ensures money and reports are delivered on time every time
Be immediately accessible when you need them
Practice rigorous hiring standards
Employ sound management practices that ensure maximum efficiency and due diligence. They should demonstrate this by passing savings onto you with rates below the industry's standards.

Only choose a medical billing service that:

Can answer detailed questions related to billing in your specialty
Can demonstrate that your billing will always be documented and coded correctly
Will thoroughly explain how they maximize reimbursement
Can provide conclusive evidence that your billing and reports will be done on time- Offers you the ability to check online to ensure your billing has timely gone out
Will review the contract with you line by line to ensure your complete understanding

Professional Billing Service is the billing company that meets each and every one of these standards

* 30% increase guarantee is based on whether your practice passes our assessment

Professional Billing Service is completely automated, eliminates errors, and sends electronic billing out instantly

Our billing system took eight years of painstaking hard work by medical billing experts and computer programmers to develop and perfect. Now it is here, works flawlessly and is ready for your practice! Professional Billing Service is so accurate and up-to-date our clients always receive the highest reimbursement possible for each service delivered. You will be thrilled when you see the size of your checks and how fast they arrive.

Professional Billing Service is easy to work with

Your super bill: We will create a custom super bill for you that includes everything... all of your procedures, time spent, diagnoses, material you use, etc. To do so, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your operations and systems, and build all of the components you require into your customized software package.

Your super bill is designed in the background as coding. All you need to do is fill in the bubbles electronically via a tailor-made scanner we’ll provide you, a touch screen on your computer or a digital note pad. In just a matter of seconds from the time you click “submit”, the information is sent electronically directly to the insurance carriers. Claims for those insurances still requiring paper billing are a snap for us to prepare for mailing. All paper billing goes out within three business days.

Highlights of Professional Billing Service

Automated Biller automatically:

Submits claims electronically, prints HCFA and UB92, and print patient’s statement.
Calculates all procedures and time accurately, including appropriate modifiers.
Calculates all drugs and supplies used.
Sends follow-up letters to insurance companies every 30 days, if no payment has been received.
Re-bills Medicare, Medicaid/Medi-Cal and insurance companies.
Sends collection letters to patients whose accounts are over 60, 90 and 120 days old.

Professional Billing Service provides accurate insurance claim submission and automatic electronic remittance processing

Professional Billing Service immediately inputs claims. Our system incorporates the unique processing requirements for various designated insurance carriers and edits the submitted data accordingly before transmitting the information to the appropriate insurance carrier for reimbursement. This process facilitates accuracy and rapid payment. Upon receiving the electronically submitted insurance claim, the insurance carriers process the claim and send the payment directly to the client. Professional Billing Service not only provides electronic transmission to insurance carriers and computerized data verification, but also eliminates much of the human element, thus simplifying and accelerating the claims filing process. Professional Billing Service also automatically posts electronic payments (ERA – Electronic Remittance Advice) to the patients accounts.

Through Professional Billing Service, you will receive money faster and easier. Insurance checks will be deposited electronically directly into your account. You will experience fewer declines and enjoy an increased reimbursement of at least 30%.

For doctors
who want to increase their collections by 30% or more